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"You would be interested to know that your diagnosis was correct and that I was in fact, not sleeping well at all. In fact, I have concluded that I may not have slept well, ever! However, after using my CPAP device there was immediate improvement and I felt much better the very next day. That sense has remained pretty much the same way since day one. Anyone would be fortunate to find a solution that provides an immediate benefit without a great deal of hardship of any variety.

Thank you for recognizing the problem, providing a solution and persuading me to use it. Good job!"
~ FCSC patient

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Fairfield County Sleep Center (FCSC) is an Independent Sleep Center that is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).  The sleep center offers a comprehensive approach to all sleep disorders including; snoring, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, excessive daytime tiredness, restless sleep and leg movements, sleep apnea, periodic limb movements, sleep walking, and sleepiness.

Our Board-Certified sleep physicians utilize state of the art equipment in a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere to diagnose and treat all varieties of sleep disorders.  At the Fairfield County Sleep Center, patients are treated with compassion and personal attention.  Our team is committed to helping you achieve refreshing and restorative sleep.





Tips to stop tossing and turning
TODAY show host Matt Lauer talks with Dr. Stasia Wieber, former director of the Sleep Center at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and currently at the Fairfield County Sleep Center, about insomnia treatment options.

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